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Call of the Wild

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I had enough fun doing the last deckbuilding exercise that I felt I should do more. I'll probably do one every so often from now on. This time around I'll be basing it around a bad rare. I'll be following the same format and even using the same test decks as last time.

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild has been around for quite sometime and has never been good. We'll try and fix that. Or at least have some fun with it.


Obviously big expensive creatures you'd like to drop straight into play are nice with the card so we'll list a few of those first. Rather than listing every fatty I can think of I'm only going straight for the best this time around.

In addition to fatties it may be nice to try a couple of utility creatures as well. Here are some of the better ones.

Now here are some ways of controlling what the top card of your library is.

There are two options that interest me. One is using Haunted Crossroads to reuse utility creatures every turn. This would need to use creatures that had sacrificed abilities in order to get them into the graveyard. While this sounds like a fine idea it is pretty much the same thing I did with the Shirei deck. The other thing that got my attention is Scroll Rack. With this you wouldn't have to worry about the color of the creature or if you could ever cast it. This means fatties and lots of them.

Rough Decklist:

After Testing:

The deck is quite terrible without Call of the Wild and Scroll Rack in play. I would have thought 4 Enlightened Tutors would be enough to find the Calls but it still doesn't happen until turn 6-7. Since it pretty much just sits there until then some changes are needed. I want to make the deck less reliant on the Calls meaning pulling some of the fat for creatures that are actually castable.

Final Decklist:

The deck is able to function more without the Call in play. It now actually has a chance to get going. However once its going it isn't as powerful as it was. I think it is a fair trade and is about as good as the deck is going to get.