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False Cure

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Another attempt at building a deck around a bad rare.

False Cure

This time around I'm going for a bit more of an odd choice. False Cure can be useful as a sideboard card against decks that gain a lot of life, such as the extended deck Life. However actually designing a deck around the card will likely be quite difficult and will probably result in a crappy deck. Score.


We are going to need some way of making your opponent gain life.

Beacon of Immortality is the obvious choice but a little too obvious so I want to try and avoid it. The ones that interest me the most are the alternate casting cost green cards from Nemesis. Since they are essentially free this would likely lead to the fastest goldfish. This leads the deck into green and black.

Rough Decklist:

The very first goldfish I tried the deck won on turn 2. I was all like "False Cure is broken." and stuff and then made the mistake of reading the card again. I had been playing it is if it was a replacement ability rather than a triggered ability. I thought it canceled the life gain and made them lose it instead. The end result is that I thought it did much more damage than it actually does. My turn two win actually just put them down to 8. This was a bit disappointing but 12 damage on turn 2 is certainly not bad so we'll see how the rest goes.

After Testing:

As expected this didn't go so well. The deck is now not only slow but also very weak. It needs a lot to go right for it to be able to go off with any sort of consistency. The goldfish is so slow any deck should be able to outrun it and since it has so little disruption there isn't much you can do to stop them. Even worse if they have any countermagic all they have to do is save a counter for False Cure and you can't win.

Back to thew drawing board so to speak.

Final Decklist:

Since I couldn't try and make the deck combo out fast enough to be worth anything I went with the other method of making a combo deck. Slow it down and play control. False Cure + Beacon of Immortality is a two card kill but it requires 8 mana. Without some serious mana acceleration (AKA cards you cannot afford like Moxen and Black Lotus) this isn't going to happen fast enough to consider this a decent combo deck. However with a bit of mana acceleration 8 mana is perfectly fine as the win condition for a control deck. This deck keeps the board clear with removal until it can set up the kill. Like with all crappy combo decks permission will be a huge problem but Duress makes it at least possible to win. More discard would help that out but there isn't much space in the deck for more. You could probably drop the Barters and maybe some mana acceleration for more discard but beyond that finding space isn't easy.

The deck performed much better as well and was pretty decent against aggro decks. Decks with permission or land destruction are a nightmare and a good aggro deck can outrun it easily but it does quite well against slower aggro decks and most non-blue control.